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a proposal for an exhibition titled:

we are all in this together,

reboot the boat


This exhibition is the birth of a former exhibition

Entitled: We Are All In This Together, do A good turn. (re curatorial page on the menue on your left) The former exhibition is currently showing until January 14, 2014. It is hosted by Modern video Film in Santa Monica, A major post production facility In Los Angeles. There are 17 Artists in this together, all from los angeles:

Melinda smith Altshuler

Ashley Bravin

Richard Bruland

Renée a Fox

Agustin Garza

Mark Steven Greenfield

Kerry Kugelman

Malka Nedivi

Sabine Pearlman

Tanja Rector

Sonja Schenk

Lidia Shaddow

Doni silver Simons

Susan Sironi

Ray Turner

Linda  Vallejo

Joan    wulf

The Theme:

Rebooting, in computer terminology is a technical process by which a running computer system is restarted, either intentionally or unintentionally. In Reboots the power to the system is physically turned off and back on again, causing an initial boot of the machine, or the system restarts without the need to interrupt the power. The term restart is used to refer to a reboot when the operating system closes all programs and finalizes all pending input and output operations before initiating the reboot.

It is believed that us, The United States of America, is using 5x planet earth if we were to count our consumption.  The boat is a symbol of our earth and how it has the option to collapse, shut down, sink etc.

rebooting the boat is an option to change everything from values, systems and perceptions.


Judy Chicago’s Work 1994-2000

“Resolutions:  A Stitch in Time.

Family. Responsibility. Conservation. Tolerance. Human rights. Hope. Change.”

Like Judy Chicago I grew up with the same values and proverbs. Proverbs, for some reason, were the information that was easily compacted to remember and store as ammunition for life. When I first saw her “ resolutions” exhibition at The Skirball in 2001 It dawned on me how important and relevant were all the issues I struggled with as an immigrant single parent artist.

The simple proverbs which I grew up on in my native country Israel, were embroidered in beautiful images done by empowering group of woman. One of Them in particular was “do a good turn” which was the inspiration for the former exhibition I curated. The second one  “Dont rock the boat” is the inspiration for this exhibition which I am here by proposing. I tweaked and upgraded this proverb and called it: “reboot the boat” . Living in an incredible era with an exponential growth of technology it seem like a major paradigm shifts is inevitable. Most of us were brought up on the current system of education. Since the industrial revolution we were supposed to swallow, sitting pretty, all the information that we were fed only so we can be tested on it in the future.

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In this exhibition of 17x2= 34 artists I take the position of an organizer.

After curating the initial group of artists (17), a cross section of LA artists based on relationships and community,  I realized that this group can duble the intensity and the impact ot the exhibition if  each  artists will have the opportunity to invite one artist who they think very highly of, who they admire and look up to. I envision a third exhibition after this one, were the second generation of artists will invite the third generation. All through this process I am Keeping a constant open mind to the natural evolution of an endeavor such as this  one. I compare it to a snow ball and let it roll until it stopes at the final exhibition destination. In each exhibition the artists will introduce new body of work according to the title.

I do believe that Artists are the kind of people who have the vision,creativity,integrity and compassion to be the healers who will make the change that is needed to sustain our earth.